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(SPD, AMAZON, IndieBound) Sagging Meniscus Press
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Cover: Royce M. Becker
"A brilliant, serious and goof-rendered life cycle..."
Rauan Klassnik

Cover: Gary J. Shipley with art by Katherine Foyle

Sucker June, a novella (Lazy Fascist Press) 2015

KMSU Weekly Reader

Excerpt at NERVE.COM
Hobart interview with Alfred Wichly
fanzine interview with Nicholas Rys

Cover photo of Joy Pollak by Anna Serrone / Cover design by Matthew Revert

“Kilpatrick’s prose is the aural equivalent of anthrax cut with ecstasy. All other writing makes me sick. Here at last is one so nasty it’s almost like there’s hope.”
- Blake Butler

Gil the Nihilist: A Sitcom (2013)



“Blurring the boundary between screenplay and poem, Gil The Nihilist one-ups Pound’s modernist dictum (“make it new”) by additionally making it “now.” Right now. Right this instant. More timely, relevant, and compelling than anything else on the market. In no uncertain terms, Kilpatrick has produced the first truly radiant nightmare of the 21st century. To put it in movie-speak, it’s Clark Coolidge meets Andrzej Zulawski meets Kathy Acker’s Blood and Guts in High School meets Richard Kern’s Fingered meets Death Grips meets John Waters. Moreover, this book pulses with the word porn of word stylists meshed with the intoxicating visuals of our everyday hyper-reality.” -Christopher Higgs, author of The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney

“Sean Kilpatrick, like some godlike producer, must’ve got Joyce, Sade, Jarry, and Trecartin together in a Star Waggon. This book’s a sick channel for all our channels, a gnarly and hilarious script of the human animal’s entertainment… Kilpatrick presents a new zone in American fiction. Who must I destroy to get this show made?” -Ken Baumann, author of Solip

“Sean Kilpatrick is a lunatic and an instigator. This book is a restraining order. Stray from summary. Please don’t have opinions. Try to enjoy it and see yourself trying to weigh in. Then, laugh at yourself for that. Then, give him a hug.” -Elizabeth Mikesch, author of Niceties


Covers - Matthew Revert / Art - Sam Pink

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